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Theatre Artist and Educator


            As a multifaceted theatre artist, my work in theatre is based in the idea that theatre allows us to genuinely explore our world and ourselves through the ancient art of storytelling. Be it as a stage manager, director, or playwright, I see myself as contributing to a communal process that ends with an audience having the opportunity to connect with the story we are telling on a deeply personal level. Whatever the play, whoever the audience, I see my work as a theatre artist as an investm back into the wellbeing of humanity and in our ability to recognize the humanity in those around us.

            My approach to a play is character-first. Why are these the people the show is about? How do they operate? How to they approach their relationships? How does this change how they dress, walk, talk, live? Even when I am the playwright, I am more likely to focus on how a person’s experiences and choices affect them before how they move along a narrative – the narrative will come through characters acting as people no matter how bizarre their circumstances.

            My background is in musical theatre, having grown up being involved in multiple musicals a year from the age of 10.  I still love the showmanship and the incredible skill involved in a good musical, but my personal interests lie with modern realism. I find working on plays that have some connection to the daily lives of living people to feel natural. Focusing on times and places people know helps in the work of bringing a show to life for audiences – it helps theatre live and breathe in our lives.  And through everything I do, no matter how realistic or absurd, my goal is connect theatre to the lives of people and better those lives by it.  


Milwaukee, WI

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